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Saturday in Florida

Please read after the link, a first person account of a volunteer in Florida. It’s quite inspiring.


mindless zombies out to destroy mankind

Behind the “Explosive” KSTP Story

Poynter Online

Al Qaqaa Under Insurgent Control

NYT describes the bleak scene.

Pre-1991 WMD Missing from 2nd Looted Iraqi Depot


US Tried to Stop Bin Laden Tape Airing

Perhaps this is why George Bush looked so dejected yesterday, he can’t even push Qatar around anymore.

8 US Marines Killed in Iraq

AP– seven Marines wounded as well; in Baghdad, a car bomb attack on the Al-Arabiya TV headquarters kills 7.

Bush’s Fun Day

Nice roundup, so many highlights. For me the best part was not the confetti misfire, but the people who got through the ultra-tight gauntlet that even includes car bumper sticker surveillance as well as loyalty oaths to get INSIDE Bush’s rally to hold up their “386 TONS” sign. It was very sobering to see how […]

Looted despite repeated warnings

Another ammo dump left unguarded while angry soldiers warned again and again of the danger.

“There’s no question in my mind that the stuff in Ukhaider was used by terrorists,” said Kuhaida.

Oklahoma Once Again a National Disgrace

Because of Coburn’s racism, of course