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Iranian who brokered Iraqi peace is on U.S. terrorist watch list

This is what John McCain and George W. Bush call “victory.”  If that’s victory, what does defeat look like to these men?

Iranian General Brokered Iraqi Cease-Fire

Now it can’t be denied where the real power lies in the region.

Bush Booed Even More Than Cheney

Clinton: The Votes Don’t Matter

Exactly as I predicted, a month ago, Clinton has now openly declared that no matter how many delegates and superdelegates go to Obama (short of 2,025 and perhaps even if he does get that number), she will not quit until she’s basically shut down in a convention vote in late August in Denver.

Iraq Thursday


12 mortars hit the Green Zone starting at 10 am until this report was prepared at 2 pm, Thursday, said Iraqi Police. The U.S. Embassy said no one was injured.

2 mortar rounds fell on Ur neighbourhood, east Baghdad near an open air marketplace killing one civilian, injuring two.

2 mortar rounds hit Karrada […]

DOJ At it Again

It was thought that the Clinton campaign had Puerto Rico, site of the last primary, in the bag. Â Then recently Gov. Anibal Acevedo surprised everyone by endorsing Obama. Â Now Federal prosecutors have indicted him. Not only is it in the DOJ handbook that you don’t indict people right before an election, but US […]

Iraq Civil War Spreads to Baghdad


Who Killed Vince Foster?

Never thought you’d see that headline on Â Neither did I. Â But then I thought I would never see this, either:

This is Hillary Clinton, granting a very high publicity interview to the crazy right-wing paper the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. To her right is Richard Mellon Scaife, the Clinton-hating billionaire who spent literally millions […]

Mahdi Army in Full Scale Battles in Iraq

Basra, which has no US troop presence, is in civil war. This is where some 80% of Iraq’s exported oil originates. Moqtada Al-Sadr has called for a general strike, and closed off Sadr City in Baghdad. Many people are dead in the fighting. The US does not have a chance of being able to stop […]

Clinton Campaign Directly Pushing Racial Attack Smears

Geraldine Ferraro is no longer needed. Having done her job by catapulting a bogus racist “issue” into the campaign then resigning (while swearing no regrets), now other members of the Clinton campaign are taking over for her. Here we have an actual Clinton campaign official denouncing Obama for his association with Rev. Wright and then […]