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Facebook Attempts To Outdo NSA

And for most of their US users, they are in fact going much farther than NSA to track you on the internet and gather personal information about you that you never submitted to them.

Unconstitutional Law Finally Removed From Books

The Supreme Court has thrown out the completely unconstitutional and wrongly named “Defense of Marriage Act,” and also let stand a previous Federal judge’s ruling that banning gay marriage in California was unconstitutional. Governor Jerry Brown has ordered that the state begin issuing marriage licenses accordingly. Here is a video of President Barack Obama calling […]

Heroic Filibuster Interrupted By Fraud In Texas State House

Wendy Davis has achieved a total moral victory in Texas for the rights of women. So the Lieutenant Governor of Texas has moved to destroy it.

UPDATE: By a well organized and heroic coordination between Texas Democrats and an enormous crowd of women’s rights supporters in the gallery, they were able to pick up seamlessly […]

Texas Democrats Filibustering Anti-Abortion Crackdown

Wendy Davis and other Democrats in Texas are trying to stop a Texas state law that would reduce the number of abortion-capable clinics in the state from 42 to 5 by filibuster. She deserves our support, she’s got to make it to 13 hours.


Poll taxes. Literacy tests. Race-based voting discrimination has been legalized, county by county, specifically in all of the worst and most racist areas of the United States.

This bridge is now nothing but a “free speech zone.”

Oklahoma “Spirit” Is A Culture Of Victimhood And Apathy

Essential reading from Blue Oklahoma.

White House Involvement In IRS Targeting Disproven

That’s the end of that, period. Darrell Issa sat on the proof that he was lying for as long as he could, but the truth has been outed by the Democrats.

Patriot Act Leads To Spying On Phone Records, Internet Servers

We live in a surveillance society and practically nothing you do on the internet should be considered secure. The NSA is after the communications of “foreign” people (targeting anyone else is illegal) but they reach right into US-to-US communications to look for it. They call this “Special Source Operations,” the 9 major participants ranging from […]

GOP Rep Disgraces Oklahoma In Front Of The World

This is an international embarrassment. He is also seriously misrepresenting most of his constituents.

Tornado Gridlock Encouraged By TV Weatherman

The video below is from Friday May 31, during a time period where a tornado was hitting southwest Oklahoma City. If you go to 8:35 in the video, you will hear Mike Morgan, their chief weathercaster, urge people in a general way to get into cars in Oklahoma City and drive South, even telling them […]