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McCain Joked About Katrina Deaths While Bodies Floated in Floodwaters

Bush Won’t Show At GOP Convention

McCain headed for Mississipi. But that’s not all, hold on to your hats. McCain may actually make his Republican Convention acceptance speech from the disaster zone. The source of this insane idea? McCain himself, speaking on CNN.

McCain made plans to travel to a threatened area of the Gulf Coast on Sunday, accompanied by his […]

Nagin Orders Mandatory Evacuation of New Orleans

Just a few minutes ago.


Where is George W. Bush. Where is Michael Chertoff. Where is Bobby Jindal. What the hell are they doing?

Palin Scandal Based On Taped Evidence

Here the evidence from the recent Palin trooper-firing scandal, actually caught on tape and played back during an Alaska TV news report. Note that she didn’t just fire an official for refusing to terminate one of her enemies, she also lied about it extensively when it first hit the news.


See It While You Can

This video has already been scrubbed from Palin’s web site, it’s Ted Stevens’ recent endorsement of her.

U.S. Air Raid Kills 90 Afghans, Says UN, Afghan Government

Winning hearts and minds every day, now it’s said that the “target” was picked by a rival clan.

McCain’s Running Mate Is Big Oil

And comes with a brand new scandal. Her ex-brother-in-law, a state trooper, gets in a custody fight with her sister, next thing you know the Public Safety Commissioner is fired because he refused to bow to pressure from Palin’s office to fire the guy. The evidence is on tape, too.

Oh, and she doesn’t know […]

Class Act

From Static, this is a screen capture from the television ad being run by the McCain campaign on the 45th Anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington.

Why would they do this? They’re trying to provoke Obama’s crew into reacting. The situation is so bad for McCain that a fight over whether or […]

Obama’s Acceptance Speech Tonight

Bush has done the Democratic Party no favors by being the worst President in US history. The worse he governs, the more leeway he gives to the Democratic candidate to be centrist and corporate, because most at this point cannot tolerate or comprehend the idea of another Republican President. The plan for Obama’s speech tonight […]