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Bush Campaign demands racial information on photographer

Arizona Star. Three editors were asked, and refused, to give racial information about their photographer, assigned to cover a Bush rally.

Newsweek poll shows Kerry lead widening

wow. Also, check out (perhaps more important because of the trends described) this new Zogby analysis.

Main Iraq-Al Qaeda “link” source RECANTED

Florida GOP telling Repubs to vote absentee

A way of avoiding touchscreen errors, while Jeb Bush goes around saying that computer “voting machines” are reliable.

National Archivist Secretly Forced to Resign

As deadline approaches for declassification of Bush I documents. Two articles: Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle.

Can’t See Cheney Without a Loyalty Oath

Now here’s a way to increase turnout at GOP rallies: courtesy of Jerry Francisco, after the jump the article is from the Albuquerque Journal:


Ted Koppel admits incompetence in Goodman interview

Amy Goodman as usual does a great interview at the Democratic Convention talking to Ted Koppel about ABC’s pro-war attitude during the selling of the attack on Iraq.

Pakistan comes through with July Surprise deal

As predicted in the New Republic and noted on this blog previously, the Pakistani security forces have pulled a rabbit out of a hat with some Al Qaeda guy. This is the sign of true, and total desperation- they were exposed in advance as plotting this.

US income dropped 2 years in a row for first time since WW 2

According to IRS data, times are rough indeed.

Adjusted for inflation, the income of all Americans fell 9.2 percent from 2000 to 2002, according to the new I.R.S. data.

Fahrenheit Premiere in Crawford TX tonight

Link to Austin Indymedia