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35 Children Killed in Baghdad

3 bombs explode in massacre

“The Americans called us, they told us, ‘Come here, come here,’ asking us if we wanted sweets. We went beside them, then a car exploded,” said 12-year-old Abdel Rahman Dawoud, lying naked in a hospital bed with shrapnel embedded all over his body.

$900 Billion Without Bids

at the Pentagon in the last 6 years.


Unfortunately this is real, not from the Peabody source: Washington Post


Through an incredible feat of technology, RANT-O-RAMA has obtained a time machine on loan from a certain Prof. Peabody. After some reverse engineering, this “way-back machine” was set to Thursday night, producing this result: an AP article from the very near future, namely tonight just after the Presidential debate. Remember folks, you read it here […]


Under the “pool system” the networks are running. This means that FOURTEEN networks will show you live coverage of Michael Jackson leaving a courtroom – or Bill Burkett’s farm in Texas – but ONLY ONE will show you the “debate.”‘

Iraq: Prepare for the Worst

Washington Post:

A growing number of career professionals within national security agencies believe that the situation in Iraq is much worse, and the path to success much more tenuous, than is being expressed in public by top Bush administration officials, according to former and current government officials and assessments over the past year by intelligence […]

“Private Torturer” worked for Boykin

Asia Times

IBD poll has Kerry and Bush tied

Investor’s Business Daily. Now everyone knows, this “Investor’s Business Daily” poll is just more liberal bias, unlike the trusty GALLUP poll that skews 17% off in the party balance compared to who actually voted in 2000. So come on, let’s see those comments discounting the IBD poll. I’m waiting.

Gallup Bends It Until it Breaks

In order to show Bush ahead, Gallup changed their polling sample from a 7% GOP bias in their last poll (which showed Bush ahead of Kerry by 11%) to a whopping 12% skew in favor of Republican voters in their new poll! Keep in mind – the actual figures in 2000 for voter ID was […]

FBI: 120,000 Hours of Backlogged “Terror” Tapes

And more that was erased without ever being translated: New York Times