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Supreme Court Losers Left “Dog Whistle” 15 Times In Opinions

According to this reporter, watch the interview here.

House Passes Contempt Resolution Against Attorney General

This is about stopping Attorney General Holder from enforcing voting rights in the upcoming election. Check out this brief essay on the subject, more later.

Tweets From Twits

Read while you can (June 28, 2012) the deleted twitter messages of politicians, including many of those who believed CNN’s false reporting. And don’t forget all the brave right wingers who will move to Canada to “escape health care.”


A landmark day for the United States of America. Oklahoma now faces a federal takeover because of their lazy refusal to prepare.

BONUS: Both CNN and “Fox News” got it wrong.


Michigan House Member Confronts War On Women

The context is explained here.

Medieval Conditions For Jubilee Workers In UK

Austerity plus royalty = misery. This is the year 2012, and treating people this way is a disgrace.

Florida Illegally Purges Another WWII Veteran From Voter Rolls

What Rick Scott is doing is illegal, has to be stopped, and is designed to steal the 2012 election.