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German Report: Indict CIA Kidnap Operators

German investigators in the case of the innocent man, Khaled Masri, who was “rendered” and tortured by the CIA, are recommending the indictment and arrest of those who kidnapped him.

Suicide Bomber Hits Iraq Mosque

The situation in Iraq is very bad on the Ashoura holiday.

Iraqi Forces Were Surrounded in Najaf Battle

US ground troops, not just air strikes, were used to save the hapless Iraqi force. In an NPR interview yesterday Bush claimed the battle was proof that the Iraqis were doing well fighting on their own.

“I will tell you, though, that this fight is an indication of what is taking place, and that the […]

DoD Official Gets 9 Years for Contract Fraud in Iraq

There is an attempt here to imply this person was a “contractor”; he was not, he’s a Pentagon official.

Bush, After State of Union Speech, Hits All-Time Low

In job approval. 30 percent, according to Newsweek, which traditionally has a higher number than other polls. This means we’ll soon see polls with his numbers in the 20s.

US Bombs Iraqis, Joining Sectarian Battle

Who did the United States bomb from 5:30am Sunday until well after sunrise Monday morning in Iraq? Is it “Sunni insurgents?” A Shi’ite group formed by Saddam Hussein? Or an apocalyptic death cult?

But political and security sources said they were followers of Ahmed Hassani al-Yemeni and described him as an apocalyptic cult leader claiming […]

5 Iraqi Schoolgirls Killed; US Helicopter Shot Down in Shi’ite Area

AFP report

Iraq Marine Veteran, Denied Health Care, Commits Suicide

This is a crime and we all know who is responsible for cutting veterans’ benefits year after year for the last six years. It has to stop.

Massive DC Anti-War Protest Underway

Dispatches from AP reporters in the crowd.

A retired Marine lieutenant colonel handed out signs to protesters, a symbol of the growing discontent with the war in Iraq among the uniformed ranks.

Chris Case-Grillo, who said he was a proud Marine for four years of active duty and 17 years as a reservist, said political […]

The “Mission” of New Troops to Iraq

Will be to stand by while things like this happen: