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Man Shot While “About To” Confess

This is one of the most bizarre and unbelievable major news stories I’ve ever seen. Who gets shot when they are “about to” confess to murder? What else was he “about to” confess to, according to these mind reading secret sources? 9/11 involvement? Oklahoma City bombing? Texas fertilizer explosion? Who confesses to murder when they […]

There’s No Metal Like Chinese Dissident Metal

Weiwei rocks with “Dumbass”

Build Shelters In Every School In Tornado Alley

And in every town, like they did in Tushka, Oklahoma, with that hated Federal money.

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Tornado Trutherism

Yes, of course, Alex Jones went that far. Remember, he is treated as a serious mainstream news source and monthly more and more of his garbage is inserted into the mainstream news as something plausible and debatable. This is the same guy who said that a government missile exploded the fertilizer plant in West, Texas […]

Disgraced GOP Ex-Senator To Pay Tens Of Thousands In Fines

He is doing this in punishment for a scandal in which Tom Coburn was deeply involved.

CBS Confirms: GOP Altered “Benghazi E-Mails”

They were fictionalized, and all the changes were to harm Clinton and Obama, CBS reports, exactly as I analyzed earlier. Apparently GOP staff members are to blame. This is literally a frame-up and I am sure it is illegal to fraudulently forge government documents. Jonathan Karl of ABC knows exactly who did this and not […]

Man Shoots Self Accidentally While Bowling

Hey, maybe people will finally realize carrying guns everywhere is stupid? “Shut up, Donnie.”

ABC Never Had “Benghazi E-Mails” They Portrayed On Screen

But since it was less than a week ago, I absolutely remember they filled the screen on Friday with images of printed pieces of paper purporting to be printouts of the actual e-mails. It kind of looked exactly like this:

Notice in the actual television report, Jonathan Karl says “I have obtained” e-mails that […]

“Leaked White House E-Mail” On Benghazi Included Fabricated Passages

CNN gets a story right for once (handed to them, but nonetheless). The fabrications were specifically designed to smear Hillary Clinton, and now ABC and the Weekly Standard have been exposed as running a fabricated story from a GOP Congressional source.

Indiana Mass Shooter Still On The Loose

This armed and dangerous murderer killed as many people as the Boston Marathon bombers, although luckily he did not wound as many.