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Bunning Says “Tough Shit” In Senate As He Blocks Unemployment Benefits For Millions

Also manages to whine that he’s missing a basketball game to do so. This is pure evil.

Nevada Governor Caught Lying To Reporter On Camera

It hardly gets more comic than this. Watch the video linked here. Keep in mind that Gibbons was also accused of rape in 2008.

Bonus points:

Here’s Gibbons with his girlfriend on the trip and a famous Appalachian trail hiker:

Nuclear Company Lied Under Oath To Cover Up Leaks

It turns out that the recent radioactive leak at Vermont’s nuclear power plant was not the first, and that executives covered up at least one previous leak by lying under oath that the very pipes that leaked didn’t exist.

Iraq Vet Helps Rescue Five in Austin Terror Attack

This guy’s a hero.

Jon Stewart’s A Liar

I’ve noticed that Jon Stewart taking the word of Fox News in order to criticize Obama, usually about some purported minor embarrassment, is becoming a more frequent occurrence. It needs to stop.


Since 2005, if George W. Bush had had his way, this man would have been the Homeland Security Director of the United States.

Wingnuts Rejoice

CPAC Conference opens, features “surprise” appearance by Cheney. Simultaneously, a small plane hits the IRS building in Austin, Texas, at least one federal worker is missing. Suspicious package arrives at John Kerry’s office.

Wingnuts Unveil Bullshit “Statement”

They “recommit” themselves to a document that would make the President three fifths of a person.

Nuclear-level stupidity

People will still be cursing Obama for this in 30 years, when solar power is common and cheap. Of course, those who got jobs and money out of the boondoggle won’t care.


Dick Cheney, former Vice President, just admitted committing war crimes on national television.