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HR Clinton Took Sweatshop Money

Thus making her the first Democrat ever on the wrong side of the Saipan sweatshop scandal. And she won’t give it back.

Gonzales Impeachment Resolution Tomorrow in US House

This is what Democracy Looks Like.

“Bring it On, Falafel Boy”

In which idiot O’Reilly once again picks a fight he will lose, just as he did with Al Franken.

Bush “Won’t Attack Iran- This Year”

“Senior Inteligence sources” say, despite Cheney’s wishes.

Iraq Wins Asian Cup

Iraq is celebrating this, especially the hero of the game:

“I want America to go out,” he said. “Today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, but out. I wish the American people didn’t invade Iraq and, hopefully, it will be over soon.”

Mahmoud also said he will not return to Iraq to celebrate.

“I don’t […]

8 Million Iraqis in Need of Food, Shelter

Children are starving in Iraq under the US occupation, refugees in their own country.

Bushco Tries to Sneak Through FISA Changes

Most of this article is inaccurate and borderline deceptive in its description of the domestic spying details, however note this information towards the very end:

This latest chapter of trouble for Gonzales comes as the Bush administration is trying to speed through a “significantly narrowed” group of changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act before […]

Gonzales – Lying Liar Edition

This is a great summary of the 3 1/2 hour hearing from last Tuesday. Note the exchange about who sent Gonzales to intimidate an extremely ill Ashcroft on March 10, 2004.

Who Got the Take?

So the Washington Post, and the New York Times, the paper that thinks they own the domestic spying story, tell us that the “other intelligence activities” Gonzales referred to were data mining. We’re also supposed to think that after Comey objected, the practice ended. This would have been in March 2004. Well, maybe there’s something […]

Baghdad Down to One Hour of Electricity a Day