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Right wing very worried about Fahrenheit

Wall Street Journal and perhaps more importantly, Editor and Publisher.

Supreme Court: Victims of US Torture CAN SUE

This decision, according to legal experts interviewed on NPR, will definitely apply to the victims of torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. They should be able to sue not only their military torturers but the “contractors” as well. Watch what happens to the stock of TITAN and CACI today. The court case concerned a man […]

Bush Never Planned for Court Loss

LA Times, use newtzi for login and isanazi for the pass.

“Natural Causes” Deaths Not so Natural Army Admits

AFP report.

Prisoner 27075 learns limits of sovereignty

Financial Times.

“They Said This is America…”

“If a soldier orders you to take off your clothes, you must obey.”

Another account of an innocent man being tortured in Afghanistan, by an officer who went on to Abu Ghraib.

Was the Hostage Really a Deserter?

Or a spy for the US, who is know being written off as a “deserter” to hide his identity? Strange stuff going on here.

Bush Polls Hit New All-Time Low

And anti-war numbers hit new high; also very interesting is that 40 percent have no opinion/idea about John Kerry.

The 42 percent of Americans who say they approve of the way Mr. Bush is handling his job is the lowest such figure in a Times/CBS News survey since the beginning of Mr. Bush’s presidency in […]

Judge Refuses to Delay Trial

For U.S. soldiers in killing of Iraqi POW: NC Times.

Sheila Samples – More Shame for the New York Times

Okie writer tells it like it is.