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Civil Disobedience 101

Good job. If you are going to break the rules to make your point, this is one admirably civil way to do it. Arguably this was a “publicity stunt,” but so are most of the daily speeches by politicians running for office, and they’re often quite hateful and destructive these days, unlike this protester.


“Religious Liberty” Excuse For Legalized Bigotry Is a Joke

I’ll let others speak here, first there is this, and also then there is that. Both statements are both reading.

I would like to add something, though, that I think has been under-emphasized in these last two weeks. There is a legal distinction about discrimination when it comes to public accommodations. If you put up […]

GCHQ Stole Webcam Images, Kept Them

If you used Yahoo video chat between 2008 and 2010, they still have your pictured stored in spy agency headquarters apparently. They were capturing/snapping images every 5 minutes during Yahoo chats.

Was this “peeping tom” data shared with the United States?

Fake or Florida?

This should become a regular feature, it could become a trademark.

Putin’s Russia

This is what it’s really like in Putin’s Russia. Systematic kidnapping, assault against, and intimidation, loss of employment, done against anyone perceived to be “gay.” The word “bullying” is completely insufficient to describe what’s going on here. The Putin government is fully aware of these activities and even sometimes directly involved in encouraging it, because […]

Radiation Levels Off The Charts Miles From Fukushima

This is an international nuclear disaster and it is time for international intervention before it’s too late. Oversight from around the world is needed, like it was after Chernobyl, to prevent a deadly coverup that could kill thousands with radiation that is ignored and swept under the rug.

(Another) Insanely Bad Arizona Bill Insanely Bad

And appropriately harming those who voted for it.

What Emptywheel Said

The latest on an incredibly under-reported and suspicious case. Why did the FBI kill Ibragim Todashev?


Texas is a very big state and like Oklahoma, they wrote their law so broadly it invited legal attack. A ban in any form is unconstitutional, but this made it much easier for the judge.

Gov. Rick Perry decried Wednesday’s ruling, saying it is not the federal government’s role to overturn “the will of our […]

Surgeon General Nominee Blocked For Telling the Truth

Gun violence is a public health threat. And Rand Paul is rapidly becoming the most annoying jerk in the entire US Congress, trumping people like Ted Cruz and Paul Broun.