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UK Government Union-Bashing Leads To Horrible Fire

This is what happens when right-wing politicians make it policy to scare people with anti-union conspiracy theories.

President Depicted As Holder Of White Slaves

Only in Florida? I haven’t seen any other state’s GOP candidates top this yet.

On, Wisconsin!

One of the most bizarre and stupid things I have ever heard a major candidate for President say.

Santorum Claims Millions Are Committing Fraud At The Polls

23 million to be exact. Literally, this is what he said.

Here are just a few people that Santorum believes “perpetrate fraud.” Dorothy Cooper, a 96 year-old African American woman from Tennessee who was denied a voter ID because she didn’t have a copy of her marriage certificate. She said the ordeal was worse than […]

Oklahoma Ultrasound Law Permanently Struck Down By Judge

The previous injunction is now permanent. The judge ruled, correctly in my opinion, that the law is both unconstitutional and unenforceable. Of course those two words describe a large percentage of all legislation coming out of the State Capitol these days.

Bobby Rush Thrown Off House Floor For Wearing “Hoodie”

The presiding Representative, sitting in for Boehner, who threw out Rush immediately, is from Mississippi.

Iraq War Vet Stomped To Death In OKC

No arrests for the Bricktown murder, after all he was black and this is Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Hell On Earth

And what the future brings is more oil dependence and more climate change, which according to our Senators and Congressmen, is a hoax.

Trayvon Martin Killer’s 911 Call

Speaks for itself. Listen to what he says between 1:50 and 1:52.

Unbelievably Stupid

Rick Santorum. Romney could confess to having 5 wives tomorrow, and he would still win the GOP nomination.