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State Dept. Workers Pressed into “Death Sentence” Service in Iraq

Sounds like the back door draft, civilian style, is making State Dept. workers pretty mad. First Bush and Rummy blocked all of their suggestions of how to run postwar Iraq; now the Administration wants to draft foreign service workers and put them to work outside the Green Zone in some of the deadliest areas of […]


It’s not enough to leave these people without electricity or drinking water for years; now the infrastructure-neglect chickens may be coming home to roost.

The US assessment was part of a report by the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), which said the current probability of dam failure was “exceptionally high.” Its comments were included […]

AP: State Dept. Routinely Gave Immunity to Mercenaries in Killings

So much for Rice’s lies.

Waxman Demands Info on Rice’s Role in Immunity Deal

There will be a hearing tomorrow. She either knew then, and was lying, or knows now, and won’t tell the truth. Meanwhile, the DoD has won the battle over who will control “security” for State Dept. officials in Iraq. Some are saying this will make it harder for State to act independently of the DoD, […]


They were immunized right from the start by the State Department, this was kept secret and is just now coming out.

Faux News: “Al Qaeda” Started California Wildfires

I’m not kidding, and Faux News isn’t either. They should never, ever be let off the hook for doing this. This is a situation where it is appropriate for all sorts of hype to come out, with people everywhere demanding retractions and apologies (to the American public, for lying to them), and for people to […]

U.S. Forces Kill Iraqi Bystanders in Firefight

An ugly situation that turned deadly, followed by the usual complete disconnect between the Iraqi official hospital figures of dead and wounded and their identities, compared to inflated body count claims of “bad guys only killed” by the U.S. military.

For Sadr City residents in the areas where the fighting was under way, at least […]

The Truth

Chief of Operations, CIA Joint Task Force Iraq 2002 Covert operations networks and front companies blown by Bush Administration, July 2003

U.S. Publishers Arrested by Sheriff with Vendetta

This is disturbing and is part of a trend in this country, thanks to Bushco, of intimidating and bullying journalists.

Gonzales Dug for Dirt on his own Employees

This is way beyond the pale. It’s also another reason why it was absolutely ridiculous that he was confirmed by the then-Republican Senate to go from the job of White House Counsel to the job of Attorney General.