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UCSB Shooting Rampage “An Unfortunate Accident”

Says a GOP candidate for the United States Senate. This candidate:

“Your Princess Is In Another Castle”

Great writing here, by Arthur Chu.

Maya Angelou, 1928-2014

North Dakota Oil Workers Meet Tornado

Oklahoma oil workers would have had more sense. However most of the situation would have been the same in Oklahoma, crummy trailers in the oil patch, nowhere to hide, the very oil extraction itself making the global warming situation worse, leading to more tornadoes.

“You’re a dumbass”

“Open Carry Texas,” meet Texas moms. Must-see videos at that link.

Isla Vista Massacre: What He Said

Obamacare Actually Helping People Daily

Everyone should read this. And read it again. And show it to others.

Operation American Spring

“Estimated” to bring “10 to 30 million” American citizens to Washington, DC, today to “fire Obama,” it seems things are off to just a little bit of a slow start.

Idaho GOP Governor Primary Debate

This is real. It happened this week.

Big Oil Kills New Science Standards In Oklahoma Schools

Oklahoma, land of enforced ignorance for students. The oil industry runs the State of Oklahoma, period.