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Documents Reveal “Cancer Cluster” Among TSA Scanner Workers

Keeping the skies safe for cancer.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Choked By Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice

The first I’ve heard of this. Can you guess which one is the right-winger, the choker or the victim? I thought you could.

“A Big Ponzi Scheme”

Fracking not only destroys our health and well-being, it’s also an overhyped financial ripoff reminiscent of Enron, and Aubrey McClendon’s Chesapeake is at the center of it. When you have an oil industry scam so odious that the Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas says “the math doesn’t add up” yeah you’ve got a problem.

Berm Collapses; Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Floods

Move along American public, nothing to see here.


So California, what is your problem? Get on with it.

Man Robs NC Bank of $1 In Order To Get Health Care When Jailed

This is the United States of America in 2011. One of the two major political parties has its entire platform oriented around making sure this happens again.

The Penis Trade

Stay classy, Republicans.

Earlier Wednesday, radio shock jocks “Opie & Anthony” — Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumia — posted a photograph of a man’s genitals that they say was from an image from Andrew Breitbart’s phone of a picture originally taken by Weiner of himself. Breitbart, whose conservative Web site broke the Weiner story, […]

Japan More Than Doubles Radiation Release Estimate

Oh, and by the way, the fuel has left the reactors, they casually admit.

“We Almost Lost Northern Japan”

You’ll have to sit through an ad to see this video, just mute your speakers. It’s worth it.

Syrian Troops Plant Ammunition On Bodies Of Their Victims

Plain to see. This was shot in April in Daraa after these same troops massacred the civilians you see here dead. In Oklahoma City right now, a huge skyscraper, the largest in the state, is being built with profits shared with these killers by Devon Energy.