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St. Louis Police Shoot Mentally Ill Man Dead, Then Handcuff Him

This is some truly poor and absolutely deadly police work.

America in 2014

Talk back to a cop while black, this can happen to you in Ferguson.

Want to exercise your Constitutional rights and protest the above, when no one has even been arrested for doing it? The police have something for you.


US Bombs “Islamic State” Near Mosul Dam

The group called Islamic State took the Mosul Dam 8 days ago. Right now the US is attempting to bomb the forces holding it. If the floodgates are opened, or if it is accidentally hit by a bomb, it would flood a city of 1.5 million people.

Ferguson At Crucial Moment

The Missouri Governor has ordered the St. Louis County Police out of the Ferguson are tonight and has put the Highway Patrol (state police) in their place. This was apparently arranged after discussions with President Obama and Attorney General Holder. This is a crucial moment that is ripe for political opportunism and dirty tricks. If […]

ACLU Files Suit Against Police Restraint Of Media

I was watching live on the internet last night as the police ordered reporters, over a bullhorn, to stop recording. They then advanced on the media. It’s plainly illegal. The ACLU also filed suit to have the Ferguson or St. Louis County Police release the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown as he […]

Howard University Graduate Shot In Head In Ferguson, MO

She is alive; unknown what the police shot her with.

SUV, Not Ambulance, Used To Remove Michael Brown’s Body

When are the Ferguson Police going to explain this?

27 Year Old Ferguson Murder Eyewitness Traumatized By Shooting Of 18 Year Old

Watch the video at the story at this link.

Ferguson Victim’s Friend Still Not Interviewed By Police

This young man was present and witnessed the entire incident in Ferguson, MO, where a city police officer emptied his gun into an unarmed 18 year old in the middle of the street when no crime was suspected.

He has still not been interviewed by the police. Ferguson’s population is 67 percent black; the […]

Special Sentences For Being Black In 20 States

Or any other claimed “risk factor” based on whatever quackery they feel like. Prison sentences can only legally be handed out for crimes of which the defendant was convicted, it is insanely unconstitutional to use prediction of “future crimes” to sentence people. Twenty states are already doing it.