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Is The House GOP Bigoted? You Betcha

Awkward responses to simple questions

April 19, 2012

Today, Ted Nugent is having a little meeting with the Secret Service. Things happen when people listen to the hateful rantings of media madmen. Never forget April 19, 1995.

UPDATE: The NRA has removed from their web site the entire 26 minute video of Nugent’s rant at the recent NRA meeting which caused so much […]

Border Patrol Story Falls Apart In Beating Death

Florida Murder Charges In Trayvon Martin Slaying

According to the AP, George Zimmerman has already been arrested and will be charged with second degree murder.

Two Men Arrested In Tulsa Mass Murders Confess

Now it’s Florida’s turn. Can the special prosecutor get a murder confession?

US Government Scientists: Fracking Causing Major Earthquakes

This study says that fracking is responsible for a big increase in earthquakes higher than 3.0 in magnitude.