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US GDP Grows 5.7% in Q4 2009

Since it was noted on this blog when the Bush recession began, it will now be noted that technically, the Bush recession is over.

Obama To Propose Limiting Size Of Banks

It worked for another Democratic President in another Republican-caused economic crisis.

What Fox News Hates The Most

Is this kind of thing.

Help For Haitians

The people of Haiti are going to need a lot of help. Here is just one place where you can donate, I will be making more posts throughout the weekend. Here is an article comparing the cost vs. aid ratios of various aid agencies.

Right-Wing Hate Site Mistakenly Left Open

To postings by the public, a hilarious mistake, see the resultsby scrolling down to the bottom. Don’t miss this, within hours the page will be withdrawn or erased.

Colbert Responds to Reid’s Quotes on Obama


The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c […]

Rudy’s a Joke

You can’t produce soundbites like this and ever expect to be elected President or Vice President or anything else.

Al Qaeda Double Agent Killed 7 CIA Officers

Which means that the previous stories about the incident were lies, and it is probably the Jordanian media that forced the truth out. Coincidentally it was the Lebanese media that was crucial in exposing Iran-Contra.

Limbaugh Praises Hawaii’s Socialized Medical System

Yes he does.