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Houston Chronicle: Delay Lies Again

Hometown paper shows that he lied about multiple things:

1) That he hadn’t talked to Earle (he had, in August)

2) That he was never asked to testify (he was, and his refusal is the reason the grand jury waited until the last day of their term to indict him)

3) Contradicted by his own […]

“Cries From the Lake of Fire”

This is a classic rant dealing with the fake outrage coming from the right wing of the internet these days.

Iraq Troop “Readiness” Down by Two Thirds

Washington Post – maybe Rumsfeld will finally stop lying, so we don’t have to hear Joe Biden call him a liar on this every week.

President Bush from the White House Rose Garden Yesterday: LINK

At this moment, more than a dozen Iraqi battalions have completed training and are conducting anti-terrorist operations in Ramadi and […]

Photo-Op School Bus Evacuation a Biblical Ordeal

This is what the heroes of Hurricane Rita had to go through, driving school buses loaded with black people chosen for photo op purposes (to be seen getting evacuated via yellow school bus out of the Houston area). Beaumont Enterprise:

As they sat outside on folding chairs [in Dallas at the Reunion Arena], having a […]

Why did Miller’s “source” flip flop after 68 days?

Because they just got indicted, that’s why. You heard it here first: I say Libby has been privately informed by the Prosecutor that he will be indicted. Also, this little speculative argument, which looks into some strange language in the DeLay indictment and concludes that he has made a deal with Earle to plead nolo […]

Miller Released From Jail


Larry Franklin Will Plead Guilty to Espionage

In the AIPAC-Wolfowitz-Feith-Israel spy case.

Judge Orders Full Release of 87 Abu Ghraib Photos

Pentagon’s objection fails, so of course they are expected to appeal. This is going to end up at the bench of John Roberts. As the legal delays drag on, the question is, will they end up on Seymour Hersh’s desk first?

Did he keep a copy of the CD-ROM?

National Guard Was Stripped of 66% of its Gear

New York Times

Pentagon: Pay for Your Own Body Armor

SF Chronicle