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Anti-Federal Government California Man Arrested With Explosives At Michigan Mosque

Glenn Beck I am sure is proud of his work.

Violence Ebbing As Egyptian Police And Protesters Talk

Perhaps this story is exaggerated in saying “the Mubarak regime is falling,” but this is very good news anyway.

Absentee “Filibusters” Preserved By Senate Vote

A measure to make Senators actually show up and perform a filibuster by moving their mouths and speaking was defeated, by a vote of49 to 46. Guess which party provided the 49.

Obama Refuses To Gut Social Security

No to raising retirement age, no to reducing benefits. Sounds like a real Democratic President to me.

Keith Olbermann Fired By Comcast

Comcast bought NBC and MSNBC, and fired Keith. Why was he fired? No one knows and no one is saying, the only controversy of note he has had was that he was disciplined for giving money to Gabrielle Giffords’ campaign, out of sympathy after her offices were attacked. Since then, she was shot in the […]

Tulsa Mayor On Federal Stimulus: “It Worked”

Dewey Bartlett, Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Republican.

Jesus Assassinates President Of The United States Of America

This is a real Super Bowl ad.

Pentagon Lost $200 Million Hounding Gays

Of your money, and that is just from 2004 to 2009. John Kerry, had he won the election in Ohio in 2004, would have put an end to the policy. And ended the Iraq war 4 years earlier.

Glenn Beck: “Shoot Them In The Head”

Speaks for itself. June 2010:

Mission accomplished, Glenn.

Sheriff’s Chief Rick Kastigar says he watched the first part, which shows Jared Loughner shooting Giffords in the forehead from about two feet away. He says the 22-year-old then turns his gun on a group of people sitting in chairs waiting to meet the congresswoman.

Kastigar […]

Ban Extended Handgun Ammunition Clips