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A real blow against Diebold?

For the sake of any chance of democracy, let’s hope so.

The Land of the Free

Journalism is now a crime against the state.

Quote of the Day

And the Iraqi people are looking — they’re looking at America and saying, are we going to cut and run again? That’s what they’re thinking, as well. -Bush Jr., describing his father’s 1991 Iraq policy in front of a room full of newspaper editors.

You Can Take That to the _______

First, Rumsfeld tells Bob Woodward in an interview that Prince Bandar, Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. was informed of Bush’s war plan before Colin Powell was. This of course causes controversy. Rumsfeld mentions using the words “you can take that to the bank.” The day the book is released, Woodward is on Larry King. Bandar […]

3 police stations, school bus blown up in Basra

total horror – at least 40 counted dead in hospital so far – kids on their way to kindergarten hit in school bus

Diebold knew they were breaking election law

This is the second scandal story about Diebold /Windows machines in 2004 CA election. Previously their Microsoft-powered machines miscounted 2,821 votes in the CA primary early this year


Nicaraguan troops came home earlier this year as part of a normal rotation but a new contingent has not been sent to Iraq because the government says it is short of cash.

Secret Service Video of Murrah Bombing?

Speaking of bombshells, this is really one hell of a story if it turns out the tape exists.

Posted: Mercs wanted to train peacekeepers

New Bushco initiative :

“plan approved by Bush earlier this month calls for the United States to commit about $660 million over the next five years to train, equip and provide logistical support to forces in nations willing to participate in peace operations”

And this from Blackwater’s website :

“Blackwater USA is recruiting for positions […]

To those who wonder why there are Iraqi’s against “liberation”

From another Post article:

“When the fighting is over in Fallujah, I will sell everything I have, even my home,” said a resistance fighter who gave his name as Abu Taif Mashhadani. He wept as he recalled his 8-year-old daughter, who he said was killed by a U.S. sniper in Fallujah a week ago. “I […]