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Moore Gets O’Reilly to Volunteer

Somebody sign this guy up – transcript after the jump below:


Titan and CACI sued for torture

Stupidity Squared

So, USA Today hires Ann Coulter to cover the Demos convention and Michael Moore to cover the GOP (you know, to decrease polarization in USA®). Coulter turns in her first column and it’s rejected by the paper and she’s fired, replaced with another right-winger. And then she gets someone to publish the column, WITH the […]

Is the Fix In on Tom DeLay?

His PAC bribes to potential investigators were quite thorough, says AP. Texas sources say the odds that he will be indicted under Texas law before the electiona are about 60/40 in favor of indictment.

Salon article on Demo Vets meeting

Cleland contrasted Kerry’s vow with Bush’s record. “You don’t create a shooting war and close veterans’ hospitals,” Cleland told the crowd. “You don’t avoid the war of your generation and then send another to die.”

Earlier in the event, one of Kerry’s Swift boat “brothers” vowed that, if Kerry called them for one last mission […]

Clinton gives speech of lifetime as Bush falls flat on his back

Literally – “AP Exclusive”

“I’m gonna show you a hill that would choke a mule,” he says.

In the blink of an eye, his rear wheel is in the air, and Bush is flying high over the handlebars, landing on his back with the bike on top of him.

He lies motionless for a […]

Buried News – Bush Never Showed Up at All

Just in case you had better things to do with your life on Friday night and Saturday morning, the Pentagon inexplicably announced they had “found” the “destroyed” Bush payroll records: stories here and here. Guess what? He never showed up at all during National Guard duty for the months-long time period in question, the now-UNdestroyed […]

What Cosby Actually Said

Now that I have seen some of it, (Boondocks), I’m starting to get the picture… Go to “next date” until you’ve seen them all, astonishing and hilarious.

Heinz-Kerry in Scaife Attack Flap

Note how CNN etc. are covering this; here is an article that gives some context to what happened.

Michael Parenti: “New Order” of Corporate Fascism in the Works

Asia Times.