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Secret Bombing of Iraq: Part 2

Michael Smith once again, at the Sunday Times. This guy is outperforming every other reporter on earth on this war, at the government-level reporting.

Plame Case: It’s Perjury

Lots of speculation after today’s Supreme Court refusal to protect Miller or Cooper; read this older article by John Dean (something of an expert on White House leaks) for a rundown of the situation up until today. The implication is that the prosecutor needs the testimony of Cooper and Miller to nail someone (either the […]

Jailed and Never Questioned

Washington Post–

The report also said the witnesses “were typically arrested at gunpoint, held round the clock in solitary confinement and subjected to the harsh and degrading . . . conditions” usually reserved for more dangerous criminal suspects. It also said the Justice Department used the special warrants primarily “to buy time to conduct fishing […]

Benny Hinn has a Breakdown

“Four million dollars down the drain!” he screamed with the microphones on and the cameras rolling.

He said that he had been assured by the local organising committee that at least six million people would attend the crusade – but the total turnout was only around one million. As a result, he realised that all […]

“Freedom” Marches On

The last nightclub in Baghdad closes.

US Held Secret Talks With Iraq Insurgents

It’s Bush’s official position that these people are “terrorists.” So once again, we have a George Bush involved in making deals with “terrorists.”

At Least 46 Dead in Iraq Today

Associated Press


And the other Iraq prisons – Two years after it should have been publicly blown to pieces(it was empty when the US invaded), the Abu Ghraib prison, still easily within range of nightly mortar attacks, is to be expanded.

The Perpetrators of Rendition

LA Times– compare this to the New York Times version of basically the same assignment.

Arriving individually or in pairs during the weeks leading up to the abduction in February of 2003, they checked into some of Milan’s finest hotels: the $450-a-night Prince of Savoy on Milan’s grand Piazza della Repubblica, the Westin Palace, the […]

More Americans Blame Bush than Hussein

For the glorious non-quagmire we are in.