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Bush Justice Appointees Revolt

This Newsweek story is an excellent feature story, and goes a long way towards explaining what is wrong with the Bush Justice Department. A must read.

FEMA Refused Help From Other Federal Depts.

Associated Press – also CNN also has another version based on the same documents.

Bigots Vote Republican

Washington Post summarizes some psychology studies. Also interesting is a study which shows how people either accept or dismiss information based on their pre-existing political philosophies, whether it’s “liberal” or “conservative.”

“The Facts Are Biased”

Paul Krugman does a great job here today showing that there is no excuse fort he claims that the Abramoff scandal is “bipartisan.” Use the link below.


Soldier Famed for Photograph Now has PTSD

Does this mean it’s no longer a great combat photo?

Justice Department Knew Eavesdropping Was Illegal

Washington Post. Game, set, match.

US Army Seizes Iraqi Wives for “leverage”

PROVEN BY DOCUMENTS, this is a war crime, and the Associated Press has the proof.

In one memo, a civilian Pentagon intelligence officer described what happened when he took part in a raid on an Iraqi suspect’s house in Tarmiya, northwest of Baghdad, on May 9, 2004. The raid involved Task Force (TF) 6-26, a […]

76% Against Bush’s Abramoff Stonewalling

Now will more of the media please cover this story? Instead, expect to see more fake “polls” asking people “if Al Qaeda members in the US should be surveilled or not.”

GOP “Ethics Reform” is a Joke

This is the best political article of 2006 so far. RED LETTERS MEAN IT IS A MUST READ, OK?

Bush Adopts Kerry’s Iran Policy

As pointed out here quite well, Bush’s “new” policy is the exact same “dangerous” policy toward Iran that Kerry insisted on during the 2004 campaign.