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Report: “Lost” White House e-mails Found

If this is true the whole picture of the Plamegate case may change.


Chertoff Claims He Was Unware of Port Deal

What does it take to fire this guy?

Bush Enjoys 17% Support On Dubai Ports Stealth Deal

Oh, and by the way, Democrats beat Republicans on national security in the same poll. Let me repeat that:

Democrats beat Republicans in a nationwide poll on national security.

UAE Offers Token Delay While Rice visits

First on the wires was this story, announced after a trial balloon by Karl Rove himself on Fox radio.

Here is the story onRice’s visit, which says:

A State Department official said he was not aware of anything in Rice’s discussions with UAE Vice President Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid that would affect the ongoing battle […]

GTMO Officers Lied to Pentagon

Claiming FBI endorsement of their torture tactics, which the FBI actually warned them harshly about.

Iraqi Official Expects Massive Mosque Attacks TOMORROW

NPR interview

Portgate: Levin Explodes on Snow Apologist

This is like watching a football game, and seeing the rival team fumble, and you are screaming at someone, in slow motion, to see the fumble and pick up the ball, it’s just lying there. Well, it looks like at least Carl Levin is trying.

Snow Tries to Blame His Staff

As if a) He doesn’t have to chair the commitee of which he is the chair; and b) it doesn’t matter that he is currently taking millions in pay from the UAE. He needs firing, and before yesterday. Even then, that doesn’t get Bush off the hook. Make no mistake; on March 2nd the UAE […]

UAE Involvement in Lebanon Assassination

Robert Parry with an excellent article pointing out the connection between UAE and the Hariri assassination. If there were any justice in this country, Bush would be facing impeachment hearings by now over this port deal alone.

7 Americans Killed by Bombs Today

In Iraq, another bomb in addition to the one mentioned below, has killed 3 more US soldiers.