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A Puzzle

Streets of Baghdad Barricaded

Associated Press-Is this what “democracy” looks like?

“They increased twofold after Samarra,” said 1st Lt. Brian Murphy of Eastchester, N.Y., assigned to the 8th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division. “They’re everywhere, in Shiite neighborhoods, Sunni ones.”

Some of the barriers are sophisticated, built in curved “serpentine” shapes that allow traffic to pass at […]

“By the Numbers”: Torture Involves Hundreds of US Personnel and Victims

Heavily documented study.

• Detainee abuse has been widespread. The DAA Project has documented more than 330 cases in which U.S. military and civilian personnel are credibly alleged to have abused, tortured or killed detainees. These cases implicate more than 600 U.S. personnel and involve more than 460 detainees. • Only a fraction of the […]

Rove, Lawyer Meeting With Fitzgerald

Right now, just after Fitzgerald met with his grand jury. UPDATE: He will testify to the grand jury today, for an unheard-of fifth time. I predict this is his very last chance, provided with an excess of courtesy by Fitzgerald, for Rove to explain himself, and that he will fail.

Crazed anti-leak legislation in House

This would turn America into an open police state, and it is very, very real.

Pat Roberts Leaked Classified Iraq Intel

To the press, and not only that but Mary McCarthy apparently was cleared to talk to reporters:

A former CIA official who worked closely with McCarthy said in an interview that McCarthy was often authorized and directed by higher-ups to talk to the press.

This is the same Pat Roberts who is still making […]

Justice Dept. Scores Again

Charming Rice Wins the Hearts of Greece

Oh, it’s so great to have a popular high fashion glamour person as your Secretary of State. It makes getting along with other countries a breeze.

Kirkuk Ready to Explode

Washington Post

Iraq Nuclear Plant Turned into Mini-Chernobyl

Never guarded, now poor people have moved in and are being irradiated.