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State of Emergency in Baghdad

As the kidnappers begin to kill the factory workers they abducted, huge firefight breaks out in the center of Baghdad. What was that again about a big crackdown to clear the streets of Baghdad?

“Common Sense”

Springsteen puts cable news in its place.

July 4th is Doomsday

A lot of these people vote.

“Support Our Troops”

These Senators just voted against a bill that would discouage amnesty for Iraqis who kill US troops. Last week, most of these same Senators advocated a bill that would actually encourage such amnesty.

Wayne Allard of Colorado Kit Bond of Missouri Jim Bunning of Kentucky Conrad Burns of Montana Tom Coburn of Oklahoma

Thad Cochran […]

Saddam’s Lawyer Murdered

The two US soldiers who were kidnapped in an ambush aren’t the only bodies found in Iraq today.

I want captions


This is breaking news from the Associated Press, who has stepped up to the level of the story broken by USA TODAY on domestic spying here. In fact, this EXPLAINS why there was never anything done in congress against these phone-records brokers, despite scandalous news reports on what they were doing for profit to average […]

Safavian Guilty

On four out of the five felony counts. This man was in charge of all Katrina reconstruction; as one of his first acts in office he tried to sell the Washington, DC Post Office to Jack Abramoff.

3 US Soldiers Charged for 3 Murders in Iraq

Army announces the charges, for a fairly recent incident. Looks like the Haditha publicity made it impossible to sit on this one like they’ve been doing with many other cases.

“A noncommissioned officer and two soldiers each have been charged with violating several articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice including murder, attempted murder, […]

Group Claims They Kidnapped US Soldiers

Here we go, how can this be used to damage the Democratic political party? This is the only thing that counts to the Bush administration.