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Judge Orders Warrantless Spying Stopped

AP this happened just a few minutes ago.

3,438 Iraqis Confirmed Dead in July Alone

NOT 2,000 as was previously reported. New York Times-Iraq is a slaughterhouse. Do the math; this is 4 times the death rate per week of the Israel-Lebanon war on both sides.

Presidential Hopeful Wows Crowd With Racial Attack on Cameraman

This is absolutely unbelievable. “Macaque” is a Belgian racial slur (in French), deriding North Africans. George Allen’s mother is a French colonial from Tunisia. He’s given no explanation for what he meant using the word twice. Be sure and watch the video, it’s chilling. It’s off to the right of the Washington Post story. “Mohawk?” […]

US Officials Jeopardized Terror Investigation

Why did the Pakistanis arrest the suspect when Scotland Yard was not ready?

95% of Falluja Police Disappear

Los Angeles Times

For weeks they’ve been pulling US troops out of places like Falluja and Ramadi and moving them to Baghdad. Pretty soon there’s going to be an insurgent offensive in one of these major towns, the first rebel offensive of the occupation war.

U.S. Blames “Gas Leak” for Sectarian Attack

U.S.: Gas leak to blame for Iraq blasts – Yahoo! News

The Iraqi government says it was two car bombs and a mortar or rocket attack. From the article:

A pedestrian bridge, ripped off its mooring, crushed a car underneath. The roof of a house displayed a wide hole, exposing the steel reinforcing rods bent […]

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

NPR : A ‘Pant-Out’ with the ‘100-Degree Club’

President Bush spent his afternoon not buried in Middle East diplomacy, but daring his staff at the ranch to join what he calls the “100-degree club.” The phrase literally sends shudders down staffers’ spines. The president challenged White House employees to run three miles in the central […]

Bushco Fought to Steal Money from Explosives Detection

AP – Senators and Congressmen unload on Bush admin’s secret attempt to gut funding for better bomb detection at airports. Meanwhile, Cheney et al are still trying to tie this week’s foiled terror plot with Iraq, and failing.

July Deadliest Month Ever in Iraq, 2,000 Dead

Reuters AlertNet – IRAQ: Fear rises along with death tolls– Three more US soldiers were killed today in the failed war in Iraq. The total is now 2,597 American dead.

Darby Does Press Interviews for the First Time – News From The Associated Press

James Darby is the honest soldier who turned over the Abu Ghraib photos to the CID, which eventually led to CBS and Seymour Hersh exposing the scandal to the world.

Stunned when Graner and the others returned for a month’s duty at the prison, he slept with a […]