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What part of the 1967 Chrysler Imperial Executive Suite don’t you loyal readers understand? Is the history of the future too confusing?

The People Have Spoken

I got this in a forwarded e-mail…

As the E.coli scare heated up, the pollsters asked how many people enjoyed spinach and would miss it if taken off the grocery shelves. 41% said they would miss it. Another poll showed George W. Bush’s approval rating at 39%….slightly less popular than a bag of spinach.

Intel Report: Iraq Making War on Terror Worse

In the New York Times and also the Washington Post (link later).

Welcome to the new blog

And for our first picture, the 1967 Chrysler Imperial Executive Suite:

Iraq to Ban Major Politlcal Party

This shows how badly the place is falling apart.


“Compromise” Under Way on Torture Approval

As suspected, McCain, Warner, and Graham are making a deal with the Bush administration.

How Iraq Was Lost

Ties to GOP Trumped Know-How Among Staff Sent to Rebuild Iraq –

Twenty-four-year-old Jay Hallen was restless. He had graduated from Yale two years earlier, and he didn’t much like his job at a commercial real-estate firm. His passion was the Middle East, and although he had never been there, he was intrigued enough […]

Bomb Blasts Across Iraq

Bombs kill 23 in Iraq’s Kirkuk – Yahoo! News

The blast caused massive damage, with firefighters battling flames at collapsed buildings. Charred and mangled corpses lay in the streets with scattered bits of flesh and twisted car parts. Witnesses said the driver fired a pistol from the truck at the Kurdish guards before he blew […]

Bush: Bin Laden “Not a Top Priority”

Is there no such thing as going so far he has to be removed from office? I think this ranks up there with “bring ’em on,” at the very least.