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Trenches To Be Dug Around Baghdad

Trench warfare as the glorious way forward. Can’t you see the news is good but the evil media is twisting it into something bad?

It comes as more than 130 people were slain in two days either killed in attacks or tortured and dumped in rivers or on the city’s streets.


Bob Ney Headed for Prison

GOP congressman sitting in office now will plead guilty in Abramoff scandal, go to prison.

Bodies Clog the Sewers of Baghdad

NPR is reporting over 100 dead in the last 24 hours in Baghdad. This article describes part of yesterday’s violence, where 65 bodies were found dumped on the streets of Baghdad, and in addition:

The attacks came after a day that was especially bloody even by Baghdad’s standards, when car bombs, mortars and other attacks […]

Kentucky Controllers Had Blown the Whistle Months Before

Their two GOP Senators knew that controllers were being made to work solo shifts illegally, and did nothing. 49 innocent passengers are dead. 25 years almost to the day after Reagan busted the PATCO air traffic controllers’ union, FAA is making them work in Wal-Mart conditions and it has led directly to this totally preventable […]

“He Looked Like He Was Going to Cry”

What really happened on September 11, 2001? Ask the eyewitnesses.

Friday Night Dump Proves Bush Lied

I made a mistake and didn’t complete posting this Friday night. This story combined with the two below it is extremely important, must-read stuff.

USMC Intel Report says Iraq War is Lost

Thomas Ricks, author of “Fiasco,” in the Washington Post.

Search for Bin Laden a Total, Hopeless Failure

Don’t expect to see any of this on ABC’s fake-u-drama movie tonight. Oh yeah, it’s pre-empted anyway.

The Truth – Reported

They lied to you, again– The body count in Baghdad is three times higher than was boasted after the “successful crackdown.”

Separately, the Health Ministry confirmed Thursday that it planned to construct two new branch morgues in Baghdad and add doctors and refrigerator units to raise capacity to as many as 250 corpses a day.


Pakistan Makes Peace Deal with Bin Laden

Sanctuary for Al Qaeda, reports ABC News.