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Afghan Women Resort to Suicide By Fire

How does it get worse than this?.

Blood dripped down the 16-year-old girl’s face after another beating by her drug addict husband. Worn down by life’s pain, she ran to the kitchen, doused herself with gas from a lamp and struck a match.

So how’s that “freedom” thing going there?

What the Hell is Going On in Iraq

AP reports on the contractor kidnappings near the Kuwaiti border. Confusion reigns, especially because of this:

Only hours earlier, Basra Gov. Mohammed al-Waili said two of the kidnap victims had been freed and one of the five was found dead near the Sunni-majority city of Safwan. He gave no nationalities.

Al-Moussawi said the governor’s confusion […]

Iraq Civil War is Under Way

According to analysts, says Ellen Knickmeyer in the Washington Post. Now the question is whether the whole region will be brought into the sectarian war.

Hostages Tortured in Iraq; 80 Still Held

The situation is quite different than most happy-talk news reports I saw last night.

Bush Signed Torture Order

Now it’s up to the courts to make the CIA turn over the clearly identified document.

Michael Moore’s Pledge

The liberal pledge to conservatives, a classic:

4. When we soon bring our sons and daughters home from Iraq, we will bring your sons and daughters home, too. They deserve to live. We promise never to send your kids off to war based on either a mistake or a lie.

5. When we make America […]

War Crimes Charge Against Rumsfeld, Others Made in Germany

The suit has been filed and the formal request has been made for criminal war crimes charges against Rumsfeld, his torture chief Cambone, Gen. Miller, Col. Pappas and the whole list of the usual suspects written about here since 2004. Rumsfeld has cancelled a meeting with the German defense minister in Latvia.

150 Kidnapped at Iraq Education Ministry

82 people were found dead today in Iraq as well. The local police chief is under investigation for the mass kidnapping which included both Sunnis and Shia victims, the largest one yet in the postwar period.


The man who stole millions from Ohio taxpayers, then used an unknown amount as co-chair to finance the Ohio Bush 2004 campaign, is going to prison for a long time. Is this punishment enough? No. But he is going to do hard time.

Olbermann’s Attacker Arrested by FBI

This is a must-read blog diary, due to the material by the attacker, discovered and posted in the comments section. Yes, the man who sent a death threat and fake “anthrax” to Keith Olbermann is a dittohead.