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British Troops Attack Iraqi Police

You know, the people we are going to “stand up so we can stand down.” And 40 people are found tortured to death in Baghdad, their bodies dumped. In the same city an American soldiers is killed on Christmas day. Oh, and US Forces “detain” Iranian diplomats who were invited by the Prime Minister of […]

Cheney Will Be Called as Witness in Libby Case

Dick Cheney is headed for the witness stand, which should be very interesting indeed since he is the one who ordered Libby to break the law and out a CIA agent for political reasons.

Joint Chiefs Oppose Bush On Troop “Surge” – Unanimously

These are the kind of headlines you get when a President won’t even listen to a conservative panel of people who supported the war telling him it’s over:

FBI Let Recruiters Run Cocaine For Years

This is the shame of a nation. What the hell can you even say about this?

Colin Powell: There Are No “Additional Troops”

Before any decision to increase troops, “I’d want to have a clear understanding of what it is they’re going for, how long they’re going for. And let’s be clear about something else. . . . There really are no additional troops. All we would be doing is keeping some of the troops who were […]

50 to 70 Kidnapped in Baghdad

Using 10 SUVs; elsewhere 17 tortured bodies found, major oil refinery attacked and on fire at this hour.

Sen. Tim Johnson in Surgery

Johnson’s condition threatens the 51-49 Senate Democratic majority, because the current Governor of South Dakota, who would appoint a successor if Johnson cannot continue, is a Republican. This is a situation that is serious beyond the fate of the Senator himself; thousands of lives potentially depend on whether or not the Senate will be able […]

Saudis Told Cheney They Would Enter Iraq War

The New York Times reveals what the Saudis told Cheney when he was summoned to Saudi Arabia two weeks ago. This greatly complicates the intrigue over the sudden resignation of the Saudi Ambassador to the US. Is there a genuine breakdown in Saudi-US relations? Or is this resignation just intrigue in the Saudi leadership? We […]

“I Don’t Want To Live My Life Like This”

Soldiers in Iraq speak up about what is happening there:

“We’ve been here for 12 months now and there’s been no progress,” said Spc. Richard Johnson, 20, of Bridgeport, Conn., as he manned a machine gun on the rooftop of an outpost ringed by a shallow moat of sewage.

[Another soldier] said the largely […]

Bush Cancels Planned Dec. 18th Speech On New Iraq Strategy

Look at what is happening in the meantime, daily. He was scheduled to announce his decisions for new plans in Iraq in a major speech on December 18th, apparently now that is postponed until after the holidays. How many more are sentenced to die without hearing that there was an exit strategy planned for them? […]