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“The White House Is Adamant That Their Advisors…Retain The Right To Lie”

How to Debate in the House of Representatives, The Sequel

Despite the fact that he was kicked off the floor, Rep. Taylor did the right thing. Don’t miss the C-SPAN video at the bottom of the page.

Snow: “in fact Congress doesn’t have oversight ability.”

He said that this morning in a nationally televised ABC News interview. Then he went over to CBS, and acted up so outrageously that the mild-mannered Harry Smith got fed upw ith him. At a time when the Administration should be backpedaling, they just keep upping the stakes. Who does he think he’s talking to, […]

Senate Authorizes Subpoenas

Despite the best efforts by Arlen Specter to sneakily sabotage the process, the Senate Judiciary Committee has authorized subpoenas for White House and DoJ officials if necessary.

“What we’re told we can get is nothing, nothing, nothing,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the Judiciary chairman. “I know he’s the decider for the White House – […]

Rocket Attack on Green Zone Misses UN Sec. General

More great progress in the Baghdad security “crackdown.”

After the Fact

Just a reminder of the many things in the 3,000 page document dump from Monday. DOJ officials brainstormed after the firings, cooking up reasons (and distributing “talking points”), that were virtually all false, about why they fired the 8 US Attorneys. So much for claiming that employment information is confidential when you’ve turned it into […]

McKay Pushed for Federal Judgeship by Sampson

Kyle Sampson pushed John McKay for a Federal Judge post, which is a lifetime appointment, just before putting him on a list of US Attorneys to be fired. Now they say he was fired for “poor performance.”

In an e-mail sent Aug. 8 to an associate White House counsel, Gonzales’ chief of staff at the […]

Bush DOJ Appointees Ordered Witnesses to Change Testimony in Tobacco Case

Confirmed by the career prosecutor.

Two weeks before closing arguments in June, McCallum called for a meeting with Eubanks and her deputy, Stephen Brody, to discuss what McCallum described as “getting the number down” for the $130 billion penalty to create smoking-cessation programs. Brody declined to comment yesterday on the legal team’s deliberations, saying that […]

THIRD US Attorney Who Was Fired While Going After GOP Lawmaker

This is not as spectacular as Charlton, but still very very damaging.


Arizona Republic-Put this one up on the big board. This is obstruction of justice, we now have proof that at least 4 out of the 8 purged US Attorneys were fired for partisan, political reasons. At least two of the fired USAs were going after Republican Congress members. Charlton was added to the purge list […]