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Child Porn at Abu Ghraib

And we’re supposed to be surprised that an all-time high percentage believe the country is on the wrong track.

CIA Warned Bush of Postwar Chaos

This is the start of the release of Phase II, the report delayed for years by the Republicans on how Bush used and abused the pre-war intelligence.

Whatever Happened to Handkerchiefs?

Bird shits on Bush in WH press conference, just as he says “I’ve got confidence in Al doin’ the job.” Bush tried to wipe it off with his hand several times.

Sectarian Killings Up Since Surge

Not down, as Bush continues to claim. The only time they were “down” is before the surge began.

Oh, and here’s a memo from Iraq.

“I Won’t Load Another Body Onto That Chopper”

This is a must read. And, Keith Olbermann is right.

Goodling’s Lawyer Volunteered Story

Of Gonzales’ improper influence attempt over her potential testimony. And Conyers indicates McNulty will be called next.

Susan Ralston Will Plead the Fifth over WH/Abramoff Contacts

If you look on page two of this document, you’ll see the following paragraph:

While she appeared voluntarily and testified on a number of subjects unrelated to the subject matter, Ms. Ralston declined to respond to questions regarding contacts between Mr. Abramoff and White House officials. She indicated that if she were subpoenaed to discuss […]

Gonzales Perjured on April 19th About Griffin Appointment

New document dump reveals the documented proof.

Here are his words from his April 19th testimony:

But I had told Senator Pryor: I wanted Mr. Griffin in for a period of time. Let’s see how he does.

And then in subsequent conversation with Mr. Pryor, I asked him: Can you support Mr. Griffin as the […]

“Voter Fraud” Political Hack Pressured USAs

Wrecking the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ and blocking eligible voters from being able to vote.

Last Warning Before Subpoenas

Now the House Committee has mirrored Leahy in telling the White House to comply to the polite legal requests or the subpoenas are coming out. Many would like to have seen this earlier, but I think the investigative committees did a good job in establishing the fact of total non-cooperation first.