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Independent Investigation Confirms Griffin’s “Voter Caging” in Florida

Look at these numbers and keep in mind that the population of Florida is only 13% black. Any percentage of people on this list higher than the state average is evidence of civil rights violations.

50,000 Iraqis Forced Into Prostitution

The true face of George Bush’s Iraqi “freedom”.

High School Kids Surprise Bush With Torture Confrontation

Anyone tells you we don’t have hope in this country for the future, show them this.

The students had been invited to the East Room to hear the president speak about his effort to win congressional reauthorization of his education law known as No Child Left Behind.

The handwritten letter said the students “believe we […]


Michael Moore dumped from CNN interview so they can interview professional nobody Paris Hilton instead. The interview with Moore has not been rescheduled.

U.S. Offensives in Iraq a Diversion

The great majority of the growing US casualties are still in Baghdad, not in the “tough” offensives.

Impeach This Man

I’m referring to The one who runs the US government, the one on the left.

Iraqi Army Lacks Even Ammunition

Listen to these American officers disparage the Iraqi military while simultaneously denying it even the ammunition they would need to fight. And also twelve US servicemen were killed on Saturday, not eight as previously reported.

Eleven American troops were killed Saturday, three more than the eight previously reported, the military said, and another died of […]

DOJ Civil Rights Chief Involved in Ohio Voter Caging

This man was doing the exact opposite of his job and the result was thousands less votes for Kerry in the only state that mattered.

Bush Cowed as Cheney Brazenly Defies Constitution

This is infinitely worse than shooting a man in the face while drinking and then lying about it. The Bush Administration today refused to answer whether Richard B. Cheney is or is not a member of the Executive Branch and therefore subject to the binding Executive Orders of the President of the United States. Cheney’s […]

DOJ Employees Cheer Corrupt USA’s Critics in Front of Her

This is how you deal with a corrupt boss attending your retirement party. I wonder how well crime-fighting is going in such an office, where the boss has the complete contempt of the veteran, skilled and principled, bipartisan work force?