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It Can’t Get Any Worse, Right?

Iraqi Kurdistan health minister announces five cholera deaths Kurdistan Satellite TV Sunday, August 26, 2007 Document Type: OSC Summary

Iraqi Kurdistan health minister announces five cholera deaths

The Kurdistan Region minister of health has announced, in a news conference, the death of five patients from cholera in the region, Kurdistan Democratic Party-run Kurdistan Satellite TV […]

Alberto Gonzales’ Top Ten

Courtesy of TPM, without which there would be no “US Attorneys scandal” at all. Marshall is the one who noticed the various stories from around the country about the sudden departures of US Attorneys and put it together. And now they’re making some great video as well.

“My worst days as attorney general have been […]

Breaking News

The Attorney General of the United States abruptly resigned yesterday. Neither he nor the President gave any reason whatsoever for his sudden departure, and both of them pointedly refused to answer a single question about it.

I just thought you might like to know, since the US news media seems to be following the example […]

What is Gonzales Running From?

Rove and Gonzales in my opinion are fleeing ahead of something that is about to happen in Washington, D.C.

Is this it? I think it’s quite possible.

Jordan Acquitted of All Torture Charges

Lt. Col. Stephen Jordan, of Abu Ghraib infamy, has been acquitted in a court martial of all the charges related to torture, when prior to the trial most of the serious charges had already been quietly dropped. He was convicted only of leaking to the press, basically. So this is how the Abu Ghraib “investigation” […]

Petraeus Alters NIE

To reflect totally false claims of “progress,” at the last minute. These were the claims that made all the newspapers, as in:

Administration officials said yesterday that the Petraeus-Crocker testimony will closely follow the National Intelligence Estimate judgments released last week, which predicted continued political deterioration in Iraq but cited “measurable but uneven improvements” in […]


If a recess appointment is made, this is hanging on Harry Reid’s head. Rumors it will be Chertoff, who would do his utmost to continue the illegal Gonzales cover-up. NPR and other news outlets are reporting a recess appointment is legally ruled out, however I’m saying that may not stop Bush from trying it. By […]

John Warner Calls for Iraq Troop Withdrawal Immediately

This is a major blow to Bush and his attempts to continue the war, Warner gives cover to at least a dozen or more GOP Senators to vote against keeping the troops there. It also gives cover to every last war-fan Democrat (except crazy Joe Lieberman) to vote against continuation.

FISA Law Change Was for “Liability Protection” of Corporations

Now we know, and the cat cannot be put back into the bag.

Carolyn Goodman Dies

Carolyn Goodman, mother of Andrew Goodman, died last Friday at age 91. Her son died trying to help people get the right to vote in Mississippi in 1964.

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