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Fort Riley Cemetery Completely Full

The GOP in Congress keep filibustering so they can have more of this:

Since the 2003 beginning of the war in Iraq, Fort Riley has lost 133 soldiers and airmen, though not all are buried in the Fort Riley cemetery. Sgt Joel Murray, who died September 4 in Iraq, took the last available plot, said […]

Jena Six Defendant Denied Bail

It couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land “where Justice is a game.”

“Some Big Shooting Gallery”

Michael Hirsh does a great job of reminding us who is responsible for the lawless hell-hole death zone now known as Iraq.

“Don’t Tell That Story”

The horror of “help” from the United States, as provided by George W. Bush.


Corrupt GOP US Congressman doesn’t like a reporter’s questions at his abrupt resignation event so an aide shoves the journalist down a flight of stairs.

Cholera in Iraq Spreads to Baghdad; at least 1500 Cases

Meanwhile The US holds up chlorine trucks, fearing their use as bombs. No chlorine, less safe water. Less safe water, more cholera. To block material needed for basic public health is a crime, factually and literally, not figuratively.

The Whole World is Watching

This is an international story.

Call Tom Coburn

Plenty of the readers here are Oklahomans. Do this now.

“Enough is Enough”

The march in Jena, Louisiana is underway with thousands of people. They probably outnumber the residents of the town.

McCain, Warner Try to Hijack Webb Bill

That’s Jim Webb’s bill, which would require by law that troops get a rest before being sent back to the hell-hole the US has created Iraq. What Warner and McCain are doing is despicable and a betrayal to the Marines and the Navy, in which they once served.