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McCain Admits Whole Candidacy is Based on Iraq War

Then immediately tries to take the quote back. Sorry, Charlie.


Just off the wire.

Iraq: Rockets or Mortars Hit Green Zone

BAGHDAD (AP) — A series of rockets or mortars were fired toward the U.S.-protected Green Zone early Saturday, a day after radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered his Mahdi Army militia fighters to cease attacks for another six months.

Nearly 10 blasts were heard […]

US Embassy Attacked by Serbian Rioters; On Fire

Just another day for Bush’s lovely foreign policy and world diplomatic relations. This was predicted by one of our readers last week.

UPDATE: Yep, it’s burning.

John McCain is a Liar

John McCain decides to deal with his lobbyist scandal the old fashioned way: just lie. This is a lobbying scandal regardless of whether he had an affair with the woman or not; it was already known and published that he took money from Paxson, then intervened in a Keating Five-style way with the FCC on […]

New York Times: McCain Did Favors for Lobbyist’s Clients While Having Affair With Her

Mr. Maverick had an affair with a lobbyist while doing her favors, McCain’s own aides were convinced, says the story. We’re about to see what kind of damage control operation McCain has. If the NYT is at all wrong on this story they are doing him an enormous favor. This is the wet dream of […]

Texas Students March Against Voter Suppression Tactics

In Tom Delay country it’s still 1964, in more ways than one.

Blair’s 45-Minute Iraq Claim Proven to be Fabricated

They just made it up. At the time, they claimed it was reported by their intelligence services, now we have the proof it was nowhere in any report at all. Gee, that’s also the people who “learned that Saddam Hussein tried to acquire significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” As in, yellowcake.

Musharraf’s Party Beaten in Pakistani Elections

Beaten badly, too. Our illustrious President and brilliant Secretary of State just put all their backing behind these murderous losers, too.

Iraq’s Medical System On Brink of Collapse

If this happened here then it would have been described as “nonexistent” and/or “post-apocalyptic” long ago, not “on the brink” of collapsing. Meanwhile, remember the vaunted oil law, whose passage was the entire purpose of the “surge” that has killed thousands? That process is totally stalled.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A law that could shape Iraq’s […] Shut Down by Judge

This is the web site that published the US military Iraq rules of engagement a few weeks ago. The judge’s actions are mysterious and highly suspicious.