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“War Council” Committed War Crimes

It’s this simple:

Easing of Laws That Led to Detainee Abuse Hatched in Secret


By Tom Lasseter | McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — The framework under which detainees were imprisoned for years without charges at Guantanamo and in many cases abused in Afghanistan wasn’t the product of American military policy or the […]

McCain Top Adviser: Saddam Hussein Bombed OKC Federal Building

This is the type of person McCain plans to put into cabinet positions with life or death power over our government personnel.

“The Videotaping of Even The Legal Interrogations Would Look Ugly”

The Senate hearing is historic, I will post a link later to the video recording of it when it’s available on C-SPAN. Reading from the torture planning documents, Sen. Claire McCaskill just quoted a CIA lawyer’s snappy summary of their “guidelines,” which was, “If the detainee dies, you’re doing it wrong.”

Taliban Offensive Approaches Kandahar

The US and NATO are losing the war in Afghanistan, militarily. From NPR:

NATO Prepares For Fight Against Taliban In South

NATO forces were preparing Tuesday to move against Taliban fighters in an area near the southern city of Kandahar, where militiamen have seized control of several villages.

Taliban militants destroyed bridges and sowed mines […]

Torture Plans at Guantanamo Came From Rumsfeld’s Office

Perjury was committed in the previous torture hearings.

The new evidence challenges previous statements by William J. “Jim” Haynes II, who served as Defense Department general counsel under Rumsfeld and is among the witnesses scheduled to testify at today’s hearing. Haynes, who resigned in February, suggested to a Senate panel in 2006 that the request […]

Innocent Guantanamo Inmates Converted to Jihadists

All of this could have been avoided.

Sergeant Shoots Himself In Front of His Men in Iraq

100 more years of this is fine with John McCain. He doesn’t have to be there, and apparently it doesn’t bother him that his son might be in it. Or your son, or your daughter.

“We Got the Wrong Guys”

McClatchy does it again, proving how worthless the Washington media is.

Akhtiar was among the more than 770 terrorism suspects imprisoned at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. They are the men the Bush administration described as “the worst of the worst.”

But Akhtiar was […]

John McCain, Liar Part II

Pentagon Launches Attack on Obama

I am not kidding.