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Economy Still Flat On Its Back

That’s not me talking, it’s CBS’ own headline. Why does CBS hate America and want the terrorists to win?

Obama Sees Worse Iraq Than Before “Surge”

More Iraqis killed than the last time that Obama visited Iraq, which was before the “surge.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Endorses Obama’s Withdrawal Plan

Steve Gilliard proven completely right. It sure would have been great to hear what he had to say about it today.

McCain Tries to Tip Iraqis To Obama’s Secret Arrival Time

You see, it’s only his security that matters, not Barack Obama’s. Â Why would McCain do this? Â It’s not necessarily in order to get his opponent killed; more likely the goal is to force the US military to beef up Obama’s security even more, in order to top the 100 soldiers, 3 Blackhawks, and […]

J.C. Watts Puts Congressman On Sale

Classic example of how DC actually works, featuring former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts.

New Hampshire Ready for Venezuelan Heating Oil

And why not?

67% More Obese Adults in US Since 1995

This country is getting fatter yearly. As George Carlin bitterly charged in the late 1990s, the baby boomers have become alarmingly fat, and since this is a very large part of the US population it has made the numbers go up dramatically. Here’s the key passage from the report:

The 25.6% prevalence of obesity among […]

Coburn Has Holds on 80 Bills

Jesse Helms, move over. Tom Coburn is the new King of Obstruction, abusing the Senate rules in ways Helms never had the guts to try.

Taliban Wins Major Battle in Afghanistan That Killed 9 US Soldiers

The Taliban have taken over the area in Kunar province, in fact.

Cheney Directly Interfered with Torture Investigation

Harper’s interviewing Jane Mayer, who also says in her new book that according to the Red Cross, at Guantanamo a amputee prisoner was tortured by taking away his prosthesis and being made to stand for hours on end.