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Teddy’s Dead

That’s what I said. To quote alternate lingo, HULK SMASHED. Ted Stevens, convicted felon, is voted out of the US Senate by the people of Alaska.


FOR HIS ROLE IN ABUSE IN PRIVATE PRISONS. Make no mistake, this is a longshot indictment but IT IS REAL. I say this, when all the lawyers are all called to that Great Bar in the Sky, Juan Guerra can say to his contemporaries, “I indicted Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales, from my post as […]

Foreclosures For Wounded US Veterans

Why is this not surprising at all? Let’s ask the Republican Party folks from the 2004 Convention, back before many of these veterans were wounded.

Obama Offers Attorney General Post to Eric Holder

Former Deputy AG in Clinton Administration.

Lieberman Retains Critical Chairmanship

Disgraceful and self-defeating behavior by Senate Democrats, who will regret this. They’ve done a rotten disservice to this country and to the chances for success of the new President. UPDATE: Oregon’s new Senator-elect spoke out against Lieberman retaining his seat, to his great credit.

They Rant, You Listen

Required reading. There WILL be a quiz. Do not miss the opportunity to read this.

Idaho Students Chant “Assassinate Obama” on School Bus

Begich Leads Stevens By Over 1,000 Votes

4 days to go before Alaska’s Democratic voters will officially save the state from the disgrace of electing a just-convicted felon. Things are not looking up for the Republican Party’s most senior US Senator and most recently convicted crook:

The Stevens campaign has long gone silent, and once again Friday wouldn’t comment on the race. […]

Barack Obama Radio Address for November 15th, 2008

Get Out in The Streets

In favor of legalizing marriage, but be nonviolent about it. Here’s a public service announcement, WITH GUITAR