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Interrogator: Torture Cost “Hundreds if not Thousands” Of US Lives

“Matthew Alexander,” the 14-year military interrogation expert, speaks.

California Court Upholds Marriage Ban

Yet says that 18,000 existing marriages are valid.

Powell Refuses To Answer Questions About Torture-Iraq Link

Powell used the false statements from al-Libi that were obtained under torture during his infamous 2003 dog and pony show in front of the UN.

Judge Criticizes “State Secrets” Strategies

And they should be criticized. Torture has overshadowed the issue of years of illegal wiretapping, which should be prosecuted regardless of the Obama-supported bill in 2008 that “immunized” the telecoms from civil lawsuits.

Think You Can Survive, Survivalists?

Anyone here know one of these people? I had to use the above headline since it is one of the more famous quotes by the “real” Sponson.

NPR: Obama Picks Woman Targeted by Right-Wing, for US Supreme Court

Sotomayor picked, first reported by NPR, seconds ago

Cheney’s Speech, Lie By Lie

McClatchy once again commits journalism, something that the New York Times doesn’t have the guts to do these days.

Stephen Dale Green Spared From Death Penalty

Is there anything an American can do to foreigners that will bring on the death penalty?


This closes the book on the “big story” that “Pelosi knew about the torture going on and did nothing.” Goss was present in person at the one and only event when Bush CIA figures now claim Pelosi was “fully briefed” about the illegal water torture of CIA detainees. His inability to back up the story […]

NPR: Gonzales Directed pre-”torture memo” torture from White House

Torture done by the infamous contractor James Mitchell. Follow the links here.  It looks like we are going to see the proof, if there is any investigation, that Bush himself directed the torture (with no legal basis, even a bogus one) of  Abu Zubaydah, from the White House itself, via Alberto Gonzales.