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Enemy of The State

Why was the South Carolina newspaper sitting on this story, in general, and why did they publish these?

60 Or More Dead In Use Baghdad Bombing

The third large one in the last few weeks in Iraq. Had the US not invaded, these people would still be alive. But keep in mind, Obama is a “timid” person for not wanting to extend the same interference into Iran.

Sanford Goes Down “The Tubes”

Damn those Democrat bimbo-loving anti-family hypocrites! He’s just like Larry Cragg, Mark Foley, and all the other “Democrats.”

Faux News, all lies, all the time.

Sanford Now Missing Almost a Week

Unless he shows his face in his home state before the sun goes down Wednesday, and looks sober, he’s finished not only as a Presidential prospect but as Governor as well, effective immediately. Even the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, who appeared on the Rachel Maddow show on Tuesday night, did not have a clue […]

Mousavi, the Man Behind 1983 Beirut Truck Bombing

Oh, those were the days. McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the US media keep screaming that Obama as US President needs to support this guy more loudly and openly, even intervene on his behalf. Hey, maybe Mousavi will finally apologize for killing 241 Marines in cold blood.

Semper fi, McCain, Graham, and GOP.


Static Scoops TPM

Read this comment by static on our blog, then read this post on TPM, which came from an e-mail.


the latest news is he is “hiking the appalachian trail.” if this is true, it means that he could be anywhere from georgia to maine.

i think sandford just unwittingly gave us a new euphemism […]

Obama to Kill Bush’s Domestic Spy Satellite Program

After plenty of holding on to undesirable Bush policies, this is welcome news. Too bad he’ll get no credit whatsoever from the paranoid right wingers with guns.

Sanford Going Unhinged?

Where is stimulus-hating SC Governor Mark Sanford? Has he really disappeared? His craziest rant yet was during his last public appearance.

UPDATE: This afternoon his office made reassuring noises, but in no way did they confirm talking to him. Perhaps this is only a small publicity stunt on his part, but it seems he’s about […]

“Massive, Massive” Police Presence Stops Protests in Iran

At least for today, protests were handily shut down. Since Saturday, the use of teargas seems to have been approved by authorities and is becoming common. The tension and the stakes keep getting higher, since I am sure some respected political and religious leaders will call for a nonviolent protest of mourning for those killed […]

Hodgman Speaks

Definitely better than Obama’s comedy routine, where he made jokes about the Uighurs.