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Veco Exec Admits Bribes to Don Young

Don Young has been Alaska’s only House Representative since 1973 and he is a crook.

TIME Magazine, Where Reporting Is Obsolete

This is a must-read example of what is wrong with “journalism” today. “Reporters” are allowed to simply not do their jobs, and when “evil bloggers” criticize, editors run to the defense of the lazy.

The Lion of The Senate

Paul Wellstone would be proud.

Prisoner 210717

If Bush had had his way, this inmate might still be the Homeland Security Director right now.

Obama to Order 90% Pay Cuts At Top 7 Bailed-Out Companies

He will now be attacked by people from both sides on the issue.

Bernard Kerik Sent To Jail

This is the man nominated by George W. Bush to head the Department of Homeland Security.

Yes Men Triumph Over US Chamber: Video

You’ve got to hand it to these guys. This is the moment the real US Chamber of Commerce guy had to show up and put the kibosh on the fake event run by the Yes Men to humiliate the Chamber. It worked.


40 Year Old Father Joins Army To Insure Wife With Cancer

This happens much more often than is reported.

“Yes Men” Nail US Chamber of Commerce

The culprits are not officially confirmed yet, but I think the “Yes Men” were behind this, which was beautiful.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed, the Yes Men were behind it.

GOP Balkanizes Over Palin

Do not criticize the mighty Sarah Palin, or the GOP purity police will come after you. Watch that video, hilarious.