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Fear This Man

Corporate scumbags of the world, beware: Al Franken is a United States Senator.

Louisiana Official Refuses To Issue Marriage License to Interracial Couple

Certainly he should lose his job as Justice of the Peace and permanently.

Marketing Company “Stalks” Woman With Threatening Hoax E-Mails

On behalf of Toyota. Brilliant.

Government Says 85,000 Dead in Iraq

That’s interesting, because a careful count of deaths actually reported in the media puts the number even higher. Either way, this number is basically double the number of Americans that were killed in the much larger Vietnam war, which probably killed 2 million of the Vietnamese people.

Olbermann: Insurance Cartel “The Asshole of America”

Tell us what you really think, Keith.

Version of Health Care Bill Passes Senate Finance Committee

The vote was 14 to 9, with Republican cover coming from Olympia Snowe. This paves the way for a final version that will contain the public option, if Reid and Obama want the public optionit will be in there and it will beat a filibuster and pass. Â The Republican opposition has now been rendered […]

Oppressed Golfer Protests Obama

Sure hope this golfer didn’t hurt himself during the effort, he’d be force to use his Massachusetts universal health care, what a tragedy. UPDATE: This hateful vandalism is all Obama’s fault, says Rush Limbaugh.

NFL Players Would Refuse To Play On Limbaugh-Owned Team

So much for those rumors of drug boy buying the Rams.


The vote was 68 to 30. Now we know which US Senators think it’s OK for US corporations to cover up the rape of their American employees overseas and block the victims from their day in US court.

Congressman Unleashes Bigoted, Paranoid Rant

Has to be seen to be believed.