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“You Will Get Paid”

Ultimately what is funding the GOP use of rent-a-crowds is money freed up by the massive injection of campaign ad money by the Koch brothers and their friends, outlined in the article below. So College Republicans from out of state are being paid to act as extras at political rallies all over the east coast, […]

Koch Plotted With Oil, Banking, Insurance To Win 2010 Election

This reads like the plot of a “Hollywood leftist” movie. It’s all true.

GOP Chairman Sends Mass E-Mail Comparing Blacks To Dogs

To quote the Simpsons, “it’s funny but it’s not haha funny.” Extra bonus points for his defense, which is surely false anyway, where someone says “he was just getting familiar with the internet” when he mass-forwarded the 100% hateful racist e-mail. This “defense” essentially states that he was simply forwarding the type of e-mail that […]


Looks like today could be an historic date if this story is accurate, and it seems to be.

Two Joe Miller Goons Who Handcuffed Reporter Are Active Duty Military

Where is the court martial? Doing partisan political activity is already a violation of the Uniform Code, but these guys have gone beyond that into intimidation and false arrest, of journalists doing their job in a public school.



A Lesson In Constitutional Law

“Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” O’Donnell said, according to the AP.

Let’s see…. Â Oh, there it is. Â “Article the First.”

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or […]

GOP Senate Nominee’s Goons Grab And Handcuff Journalist At Public Event

This is how Joe Miller rolls. Journalist asks questions at a public school, “bodyguards” for the Republican candidate drag him away in handcuffs.

Perry Stooge Loses It Over Testimony In Willingham Case

Perry’s plant on a Texas commission, put there to stop the re-investigation of the Todd Willingham case, blatantly shows his intense and hateful bias against an innocent man after two experts testify there was no arson in the case. Â Next week PBS Frontline will air a new documentary about the series of events […]

“I Don’t Want To Sit Here”

This needs to happen more often.

“They Were Doing What They Thought Was Right”

Republican “Tea Party” Ohio candidate does TV interview, continues to defend Nazi SS war criminals. The standard retort to someone defending heinous acts by saying “they were doing what they thought was right” is to answer “so were the Nazis.” But in this case, he’s already talking about Nazis. This was an SS unit.