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The repeal of the disgraceful “don’t ask, don’t tell” law pertaining to the US military is one vote away from success. Stay tuned to this blog, because it’s time to focus on the last Senator needed to pass the repeal. The minute we find out who it is, the information will show up here. It […]


Do I have to be the first person to point out that both Bradley Manning and Karen Silkwood were from Crescent, Oklahoma?

Michael Moore Bails Out Wikileaks Spokesman

This is a must read.

200 Years, 200 Countries, 4 Minutes

Very interesting.

Sanders Bashing Tax Deal In Marathon Speech

Watch it on C-SPAN. Simultaneously, Obama is meeting personally with Bill Clinton for advice on how to handle the firestorm. Support Sanders, Sherrod Brown, and the others objecting in the Senate and maybe this “deal” can be changed in a substantial way. However, if I were oddsmaking it looks very much to me as if […]

Why Is Wal-Mart Employing 100 Year Old People?

That also have a tendency for racist outbursts? Notice that the question in my headline is nowhere in any of the stories. Why the hell is Wal-Mart employing 100 year old people in what is really a store detective job, working on their feet all day?

19 Countries Refused To Show Up For Nobel Peace Prize

For Liu Xiaobo. They put the prize on an empty chair.

First Honest Privacy Policy Released For Web

A must read. Let it soak in , for a while, then go back and read it again before using the internets.

White Supremacists Convicted In Bank Bombing After 2008 Election

These racists killed cops as part of their paranoid anti-Obama, treasonous plot.

Obama Defends Deal With Hostage-Taking Republicans

I’ll comment later.