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97% of GOP Congress Members Still On Government Health Care

As they spend all day voting to repeal it for the rest of us. Among the hypocrites is Ron Paul.

Sharks Swimming In Streets Of Australia

No, we don’t need to worry about global warming at all.

Bomb Planted At MLK Day Parade

In Spokane, Washington. Somehow, the bomb did not go off. Over a thousand people were nearby. This was a very serious attack which could have easily eclipsed the assassination attempt and mass murder in Tucson.

School Board Member Broadcasts Attacks On MLK From Nazi Web Sites

Good thing this guy is listening to our President’s call for civility.

Shooting Victim: Beck, Palin, Angle “Got Their First Target”

Whoever in the media wants to criticize this man for his “uncivil” statements should show their own bullet wounds from the mass murder attack first.

UPDATE: Eric Fuller has been arrested for supposedly “intimidating” the Tucson Tea Party chief, the man who said that Giffords brought the shooting on herself.

Glenn Beck Names Evil Cabal

Eight out of nine are Jews. When will the “blood libel” stop? Speaking of blood libel, Sarah Palin made huge national headlines when she denounced the health care bill, which Gabrielle Giffords supported, for creating “death panels” that supposedly wanted to kill her disabled son. Palin was accusing Giffords, who is Jewish, of wanting to […]

KFOR Celebrates Increased Gun Sales

By showing their reporter firing an assault rifle. With no explanation.

Tucson Tea Party Chief Blames Giffords For Assassination Attempt On Her

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is in critical condition in a Tucson hospital, fighting for her life with her skull temporarily removed and a bullet hole in her brain. The head of the Tucson “Tea Party” thinks this is her fault. He apparently is still angry that Giffords dared to object last March when Palin published […]

Congresswomen See Gabrielle Giffords Open Her Eye

AP story here.

Mugshot Of Suspect Released

This is Jared Loughner of Arizona.

This former suspect today was sentenced to three years in prison. Before being stopped, he wiped out many more Democratic members of Congress illegally than the suspect above did. Both men defiantly refuse to acknowledge that their actions were illegal.